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Assessment & Planning

We meet you wherever your practice transformation journey is beginning. We answer the questions, “How do I begin?” and “What do I need to do?” to achieve successful practice transformation. We help you develop an action plan based on proven methodologies and your unique objectives so that you can move improvements forward in your organization.

Find Your Baseline

We can determine your practice’s baseline with assessment. This may include:

The PCMH-A was developed in partnership with the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation on behalf of the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative. It provides a detailed indication of the extent to which a practice functions as a PCMH and can help track transformation progress. The PCMH-A was tested by the 65 sites that participated in the SNMHI and has been used by many more organizations nationwide.

Transformation Road Map

Based on your assessment results, we create a set of actionable recommendations for you to implement or accelerate the elements of practice transformation at an organization-wide level, including a process for measuring and sharing results across your practice.

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»Patient-Centered Medical Home Assessment (PCMH-A)