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Our Framework

Pathway to Practice Transformation

In an effort to improve patient care, retain high-quality providers and control costs, health delivery networks and physician practices across the U.S. are looking for a proven approach to redesign care delivery.

Qualis Health’s Pathway to Practice Transformation is an evidence-based, sequential model designed to help you achieve three primary goals:

  • Better care and better health for patients and families
  • Improved patient and team experience
  • Lower per capita cost

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Each step of the way is sustained by expert guides, robust implementation support and proven tools to put high-leverage change concepts into practice.

Made up of the 10 key Elements of Practice Transformation, the Pathway to Practice Transformation has been used by organizations of many sizes and types, from four-person practices to complex health systems to Medicaid agencies.

Whether you are looking for targeted assistance or help along the entire path to transformation, Qualis Health can guide you on this journey.

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